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Sanya leisure vacation gourmet tour – I work in a website: and sit in office wholeday ,so I really like travel. Lodging information: 8/26 group purchase sanya round-trip airfare + yalong bay raj harbor room 1 night 2688 / person including early, late buffet, free pick up a 8/27 ~ 29 Hilton yalong bay seaview big bed room 2 late 2013 / night including early buffet this to sanya is the pure leisure vacation, taste the star hotel food. First came to sanya is in ten years ago, when four star 5 star hotel almost are concentrated in the yalong bay, the best position, now the new hotel extension to the west coast, although the hotel brand has a lot of ascension, but in the geographical position is sent some. The first day from the airport to raj road, listening to the driver said raj now is the top yalong bay hotel, the only one provides a free breakfast, and also provides free dinner. To tell you the truth, raj geographical position is partial, is the most the west, but it covers a big area of , get a feeling is very broad, atmosphere, the sea breeze blows gently. Do good to go to room, and then let us appreciate the raj, fully in building go for several minutes. Entered the room, once again, feel, big, there are 73 square meters. The room decoration is not very fancy, but concise and easy, not costly. On every floor there is a a steward provide the special service, and 2 clothes free ironing. In the hallway meet each staff, they would be very politely active and you say "hello", very kind. We go to mangrove's Thai restaurant that night. It's the most fire hotel in the yalong bay , attendance is very good, go just met the boss, the boss says a while back peak season, not bookink are not position. The environment is good, it is really hot days, it is too hot, because it is outdoor, the air conditioning seems doesn't work. Curry and crab though a big, Curry taste recombined is good, just 398 yuan price, . Sea cucumber general. Dessert is quite distinctive, ruby, taste unexpectedly, sago dew coconut cake is very thick, the double color black kerneled rice cake although is recommend by a cook, but the taste is general, than the previous two. Total consumption of 834 yuan (including service charge).


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